TERMS AND CONDITIONS of www.neonpro.si

​The www.neonpro.si web page content and all its social media profiles (consequently neo(n)pro Instagram profile (@neo_n_pro), and  neo(n)pro Facebook profile (@neonprowear) is operated by neonpro d.o.o.

By using neo(n)pro website and it’s features, the user accepts appointed General Terms and Conditions, published on www.neonpro.si under Terms and Conditions.

The mutual purchase contract and liability of the neo(n)pro and its users are governed by the General Terms and Conditions defining the terms and conditions of the purchases made at the neo(n)pro online store (www.neonpro.si/shop).

neonpro d.o.o. (in the rest of the document titled and featured as neo(n)pro) reserves the right to change any General Terms and Conditions of the neo(n)pro website at any time and without prior notice. Any changes to the General Terms and Conditions are necessary for the users to accept accordingly.

General Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of purchase, shall not be changed by the merchant (neo(n)pro) in the meantime.

If the General Terms and Conditions change afterwards, the purchase before the change is treated under General Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase.

neo(n)pro reserves the right to change its web content, General Terms and Conditions without prior notice, but the changes shall not be done at the time of purchase.

neo(n)pro aims to present the most accurate and up-to-date information, but there may be minor differences in product descriptions, delivery dates, prices, colours in images (please note our artistic directions and make sure to check all different product pictures on all our profiles), structures or material textures of the items.

If you have detected any faults, please contact us at info@neonpro.si.

neo(n)pro will take the responsibility (limitation of liabylity) only up to the amount of the selling price.

copyright restriction

The visitors may use the neo(n)pro web page content solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. The content is protected by copyright. Any other use, such as copying, publication and distribution of the web page content or its individual parts without the permission of neo(n)pro is prohibited.

user registration

neo(n)pro offers two ways to purchase its products. Either you become a registered user or you can purchase our products as a guest customer.

The content is the same for the both clients. The registered users provide the required information during the registration process. Each registered user shall receive his own username and password that shall remain confidential. The user is obliged to ensure that his username and password are used in its sole discretion or by any person authorized by him. Each user is responsible for the content posted on the neo(n)pro website.

The final customer or the buyer of the neo(n)pro online store products can only be a a natural person or a contractor, never mind the registration and shall buy the products for personal or non-commercial purposes.

protection of privacy

The information submitted by the user through the forms published on the neo(n)pro website or otherwise (via email, phone, etc.) are confidential and shall be treated in accordance with the applicable Slovenian legislation.

The personal information shall be protected by neo(n)pro and any misuse shall be prevented. The personal information shall be used only for the purposes of purchase and webshop for which the user has given his consent.

The user is responsible for the protection of his personal information and has to ensure the security of his username and password. With email to info@neonpro.si the user can at any time request his information to be deleted.

neo(n)pro is using the SSL technology for the transfer of all personal user information that ensures the encoding of all information sent through the orders. The information on the credit card that you enter in the event of such payment method is transferred in encoded form from your computer directly to the authorization server of the bank.

order or purchase process

On neo(n)pro website it’s possible to purchase the products presented in the neo(n)pro online store (www.neonpro.si/shop).

We start working on your order immediately and individual, so we are unable to make any changes to an order after it has been placed.

The confirmed orders (purchases) at neo(n)pro online store shall be considered as fixed.

Electronic notification of the purchase shall be confirmed no later than in 3 following business days.

shipment/estimated delivery time

Due to the very specific, complex and exquisite production and moreover COVID-19 situation, the products are expected to be made in 30 – 40 days after the last day of pre-order on neo(n)pro web page.

Products are 100% made in Italy, ethically and environment friendly, by a recognized apparel manufacturing company.   

Notice, we make the garments after your order (purchase), so they must be produced prior to shipment.
If the orders don’t achieve the minimum number acceptable by the manufacturing company (100 pcs), the buyer will get notified in no longer than 7 days after the final day os sale and will get a full refund (in 7-14 days after the notice of contract termination).

We package and ship your order as soon as possible.

We ship only during business days and do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

We use services of www.posljipaket.si. The purchased products are shipped by express mail, that as listed by the postal service of www.posljipaket.si are for the EU countries estimated 1-2 (working) days and 1-4 (working)days for the rest of the World.

While we will do all we can to make sure your order is delivered as soon as possible, neonpro d.o.o., cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as production company or postal service company delays because of severe weather, service interruptions, etc. VIS MAIOR

You will be charged when your order.  Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email, which will contain tracking information and currier.

neo(n)pro may refuse any order in case of a suspicion that the neo(n)pro webpage has been violated. By submitting the order, the buyer confirms that he was familiar with the content of the General Terms and Conditions and that he was specifically informed of it.

order cancelation, returns and complaints


Orders cannot be canceled for any reason after 24 hours. The cancelation of an order  is a subject of a 20% cancellation charge.

returns & exchanges

The buyer can make a complaint regarding the manufacturing defection, which is not subject of false usage (not following product care and use instructions) on the items within 5 days after the received purchased item.

To return or exchange items purchased on neo(n)pro.si, follow these easy steps:

1. Find Your Order Number

2. email info@neonpro.si and request a return or exchange, listing your Order Number and return / exchange reason. In case of production faultiest, we kindly ask you to attach a vivid picture of the damage.

3. We will verify if you are within our allowable policy and deny your request or approve it.

4. If your return is approved please send us an e mail and we will notify you where to send your pacage. Shipping is entirely responsibilities of the customer.

prices and customs

All prices are in euros (EUR).

Our transactions are non-taxable; under Article 287 of Directive 2006/112/EC.

For the buyers coming from non-European countries: Customs charges may be applicable from time to time, as dictated by the governing bodies of that country. Customs charges are not covered in our shipping fees and, if they arose, are responsibilities of the customer.

At the time of the purchase prices, discounts, General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of submitting the order are applicable.

Prices remain valid until publication of new prices at the neo(n)pro online store.

The validity period of special offers at the neo(n)pro online store are published at neo(n)pro online store.


We tend to deliver all around the world, but have put special emphasis on the EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia. For the other countries we will inform you about your delivery options and conditions after your order.

After a long debate we decided to include shipping fee in the prices of our products and make it unbiased never mind where the customer comes from.

Products are delivered to the address provided by the Customer on the purchase order. The Customer must check and provide complete and correct shipping address information, where the shipping can be processed (e.g: customer not able to pick up the order, postal box,…). Once the order has been shipped neo(n)pro can not be responsible for any possible errors of data entry.

All expenses of (if) forwarding, changing the address or the address not being valid are entirely the responsibility of the Customer.

dispatching the order

neo(n)pro will dispatch the order as soon as the products are manufactured and delivered by the manufacturing company, but not later than 60 days from the last pre-buy date on www.neo(n)pro.si.

neo(n)pro aspires to personally pick up the products from the manufacturer when made. After having each piece inspected personally, products will be put in pre-prepared packages, so they will be ready to ship at the soonest possible time.

The Customer will receive and email at the time of dispatch, if the email listed at the time of purchase will be valid and working. We cannot take responsibility of faulty given email address or if this email address is no longer held by the customer or working.


The products are packaged to respect the standards of transport and to ensure an optimal protection of the products during their delivery. It is requested from the Customer to respect these same standards in the case of a product being returned because of after-sales service or for reasons of suitability.

Any damage on a product caused by the product not being repackaged properly may lead to an only partial refund, or no refund.

responsibility of the customer to check parcels after reception

Neo(n)pro reminds customers that it is the responsibility of the Customer to inspect his parcels when received in the presence of the deliveryman and to notify the transporter as well as neo(n)pro of any anomaly (bumps, damage to the parcel, delivery date not conforming to normal times of the parcel delivery…) within one working day.

In the case where such elements are not noted on the delivery slip presented to the Customer by the transporter, no complaint related to the state of the parcel can be accepted afterwards by neo(n)pro. In the absence of noting such points, the product is considered to be accepted by the Customer and cannot be the subject of any dispute concerning its delivery. The Customer must notify neo(n)pro by email so that neo(n)pro can take the necessary measures as quickly as possible.

delays in delivery (in relation to transporter)

In the case of a delay in delivery compared to the times announced by the transporters, the Customer must contact by priority the transporter, or its distribution office.


The Customer can pay his order online by using direct bank transfer or credit card.

The Customer guarantees the neo(n)pro that he has the necessary authorization to use the mode of payment chosen by him, during the confirmation of the purchase order. The debit for purchases on the customer’s account is done at the time of the processing of the order.

neo(n)pro uses all means necessary to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data transmitted online. To this end, the site uses a protected mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which allows the encoding of your banking co-ordinates during their transmission on the Internet. You can see that the transmission is encrypted by software from the padlock symbol which appears in your navigator. The transaction is carried out via the Slovenian bank, which alone receives the banking information provided on the site at the time of the payment.

neonpro d.o.o. holds the right to suspend the processing and delivery in the case of a payment authorization by bank card being refused by officially accredited organizations or in the case of non-payment (also regarding history of previous orders).

Within the framework of a procedure for checking orders intended to make sure that no one uses the banking co-ordinates of another person without his or her knowledge, the Customer may be requested to send proof of identity or proof of residence by email to info@neonpro.si.

The order will be confirmed only after reception and checking by our services of the details sent. In the absence of reception of these elements, the order will be considered to be automatically cancelled.


The purchase order which the Customer creates online or the confirmation of the order sent by email to the Customer by neo(n)pro is not an invoice.

The Customer will receive the invoice with an email. The invoice does not come with the parcel.

neo(n)pro holds an electronic copy of each invoice.

settlement of conflicts

It is in the interest of neo(npro that any dispute or conflict between the company and the buyer shall be settled amicably.

If the conflict or dispute would occur, please contact us at info@neonpro.si.

Disputes that cannot be settled amicably by customer and neo(n)pro shall be resolved under the jurisdiction of competent Court in Maribor, Slovenia.

Applicable law

For all matters not expressly defined by purchase order and/or T&C, Slovenian law shall be applied.

Issued: August 2020