We are proudly presenting our debut collection of neon skinsuits.
Electrifying the roads with a completely unique approach to cycling wear
where our cycling wear is art and you are the canvas!
designer women cycling wear

Get ready to conquer the road!


Classy black with a splash of neon, spell-binding V cut and funky shoulders.

ur design compliments your body and inflames your vivacity.


  • unique design
  • flawless fit
  • first-class sports fabrics (light and extremely breathable)
  • first-rated pads (top comfort)
  • pre coloured fabrics (no colour loss while stretching)
  • printed silicone (leg) stripe (stabile fit but gentle compression)
  • funky shoulders (you can wear in 3 different ways)
  • hidden pockets
  • discreet logo positioning (you are not a wheeling billboard:)

Inspired by the up-beat philosophy of the 90’s, hits like Rhythm is a dancer, I got the power or No limit… To make your heart beat faster and lift your feelings in a playful manner.


designer women cycling wear

The idea for neo(n)pro emerged from the love of freedom.
Of movement, expression and life. But mostly it arose from the wish to wear something powerful on the bike as well.

Our mission is to challenge the grounds of female cycling apparel.


We don’t take the easy road with apparel. We go further!

Our aim is to produce cycling wear that awakes your energies. That supports your swimming against the currant and longing for supreme. A cycling wear that boosts the best of what you are. With no performative goals accept the ones you make yourself.

neo(n)pro was not created to offer the same cycling clothes that already exist on the market. We dare to go further, for we believe in looking good while we do sports as well. With fresh patterns, unconventional cuts, panel constructions and how we combine the best materials for style, comfort and performance.

Our gear complements your cycling wardrobe, it’s not a substitute.

We are perfect and it is time we show it!


For us, you don’t need to be the best athlete on every ride, far from it.
We set no limits when cycling, other than having fun and feeling great. We believe there is nothing wrong with an after work, pre-lunch, …whenever undemanding ride, that doesn’t take us more than two hours. A ride on which we may besides the feel good, look good.


The entire neo(n)pro collection is designed in Slovenia. A collaboration of Slovenian fashion designers, cyclists and with the research department at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. The clothes are then made in Italy using the latest Italian and Swiss sports fabrics and sewing techniques.

Our collections are exquisite. We don’t overproduce and what we do, we do it locally and ethically.


I’m an ordinary girl in love with cycling. My life has been and is driven by ambitions, determination, longing for supreme and pawing my way threw a men dominated world. I have suffered many fall backs, from those in relationships, family, existential ones, health and nevertheless the ones at work. As a typical girl, wearing something that makes me look and feel good regains my powers and turns me from a whining girl to someone who can handle things the right way. And this is how neo(n)pro was created. I said:

  1. I want something completely different to what I ride with now. Edgy, fashionable, prejudice and athletic expectations free and not in any way less comfortable.
  2. It has to flash out the strong woman in me. Make me powerful, beautiful and so ready for life again.
  3. It has to fuel me with energy and kick me on my bike again. Because looking good on a bike will only me stronger.

And this is how I, ordinary girl, by the name of Haidy Kancler created neo(n)pro.

We are at your complete disposal for any questions

email: info ((at)) neonpro ((dot)) si