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Pink is a colour of creativity, originality and vision. With a special character wearing it, NEON PINK is also positively immature, silly and girlish. It symbolises power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance.

Pink will stimulate energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. It will also encourage action and confidence.

Our skinsuit was designed to compliment your body and to ignite your vivacity. It’s virtues are:

  • unique design
  • flawless fit
  • first-class sports fabrics
  • first-rated pads
  • pre coloured fabrics
  • printed silicone (leg) stripe
  • funky shoulders
  • hidden pockets
  • discreet logo positioning (you are not a wheeling billboard:)


Our pieces are all unique. Therefore please choose your size wisely! We will only manufacture the size you order, so exchanges might take longer. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us about the best size for you on info(at)neonpro(dot)si.

Important notice:
Due to the Covid-19 situation and a complex, very unique and special process, the manufacturer estimated the time of production for the first collection to aprox. 30-40 days. But the time could be shorter. When the skinsuits are done, we will personally pick them up and inspect them prior shipping. In case of faster production, we will ship products sooner.
(Notice our company is a startup and we decided to launch it similar to how companies are launched on Kickstarter. We believe this will speed us the process of delivery and is for everyone’s best.)







There are four kind of fabrics used in the skinsuit.
They differ considering the shape and needs of specific body parts. In the upper part they are lighter and more breathable and in the lower part they are thicker and more compressive.
All neon coloured parts use pre-dyed lycra, so while stretching they won’t loose the colour.

The materials are produced by Italian and French global leaders in manufacturing ladder proof fabric companies for the sport technical sector.
The various used fabrics have different technical qualities and were developed in order to offer maximum comfort during the sport activity.
All the fabrics are tested and certificated oeko-tex 100.

The ending strap on the legs is basically made with the same material as side panels and shoulders. It is starchy with silicone print on the inside. While it holds its position, it does not create uncomfortable compression.
Materials fit the body like second skin, are UV protective and fast drying; one-of-a-kind alleys for all sports requiring maximum effort.

Body panel in front, back and neck:

71% polyamide 29% lycra, light, comfortable and breathable, it protects from UV rays with UPF 50 factor.

Side panels:

57% polyamide 43% lycra. light breathable, anti-UV, super compact, light and openwork in order to provide a better ventilation and a faster drying.

Pants panels black:

78% polyamide  22 % lycra power technology, Stretch super-compressive fabric, promotes blood circulation. Good UV protection, high abrasion resistance with shiny look.

Fluo color panels:

80% poliester 20% lycra power technology Stretch super-compressive fabric


We decided to use pads of Italian Elastic Interface®. Their pads have revolutionised the history and industry of cycling pads by breaking with the tradition of ineffective padding that failed to address the wellbeing of cyclists. The pads meet ISO 9001 standard, which recognises 100% Made in Italy production process. Next is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® that guarantees the non-toxicity of our raw materials, and also BLUESIGN® certification for our sustainable textile manufacturing methods.

In our skinsuit we are using Road performance slim woman PAD.
It’s a super light-weight version of the Road Performance, weighing  only 33 gr; thin and super breathable. These aspects are enhanced by the Super Air top layer and the thinner but more supportive perineal inserts. Ideal for competitive riders that want to “feel the saddle”.



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